Velvi is working closely with several non-profit organizations and NGOs( Non-Govermental organizations, schools and schools for special children, colleges, research institutions, mental health homes. These institutions encourage volunteers to visit and spend a year or few months to gain work experience . It is also an experience to be in India , live with Indian families, learn Indian languages and culture. We invite applications from young students( above the age of 18) from UK/USA/Europe and any other countries who are interested in experiencing India and have some work experience. It is also an opportunity to gain some experience with Developmental Sector and help organizations involved with community development, AIDS awareness, Special Education and other schools and colleges.

Young students who can teach English, French, German, Japanese languages are most welcome. Young professionals who can teach drama, painting, sculpture and visual communication are also welcome

Placements can be sought for three months, six months and a year. Normally those placed will get a modest accommodation and subsistence allowance, enough to maintain themselves in India.

We can arrange placements in Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Delhi and Gujarat. In other states of India we can assist in finding placement too.

Those desiring placement should apply three months before they intend to reach India. A nominal fee will be charged for placement. For details about fee please write to
ram@velvi.org or parasuram.ramamoorthi@gmail.com

For application forms please click here

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