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Online Applied Drama in Autism Certification - JULY 2016

Velvi.org is a registered thespian organization entrusted to promote the global development of Autism Spectrum awareness and social competency skills for children and adults. Thespian arts are a natural facilitator of self advocacy, sensitivity and awareness turning the work of developing better understanding into real fun!

By popular demand, www.velvi.org now offers a newly developed self-paced, academic online Certification in Applied Drama for Autism for collaborating members and the community at large.

Internationally acclaimed, Director, Dr. Ramamoorthi, himself, a tireless international pioneer in the field of Drama for Autism states communities gain enhanced harmony using collaborative acting to process the meaning of emotions and practice desirable responses. Perhaps, most importantly, use of Velvi's structured lessons results in better parent-child relationships because of better understanding.

International Pioneers

Dr Ramamoorthi, Ph.D, Director of the course, Madurai, India
Ms. Mythily Chary, a Senior Special Educator and author of several books on Autism from India
Mr. Andrew Nelson,Marshall University, WV, USA, Positive Behavior Support Specialist and author of two books on Autism and Theatre
Dr. Paula Carter, Ph.D, Director of a non-profit Spectrum Ensemble and Theatre Artist of Missouri State University, Columbia; MI, USA
Ms. Nikki Bettcher, Autism Theatre Consultant at Wilmar, MN, USA Dr. Lynn Adams, Ph.D,a special Educator and Researcher in Autism serve as the course Instructors.

Each educator brings a wealth of both scholarly educational backgrounds and practical, real world experience using the spian techniques of Autism and Theatre to enhance self-advocacy and promote harmonious communication and socialization within communities.

  • Three Online Seminars + Core
  • Curriculum
  • One on one tutoring
  • Self Paced Directed Experiential Course

Don't miss your chance for answers to your most pressing questions. Regular opportunities for feedback and support from online mentors are also available.

Course Objectives

Overview of Autism

  • Applied Drama
  • Theatre Games
  • Role Play
  • Mask for Autism
  • Rehearsed response
  • Comedy and humor
  • Acclimation and integration of Individual with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in theatre
  • Social Stories
  • Sensory Integration through Drama
  • Drama and People Skills
  • Autism and Adolescent Issues
  • Final Summative Online Meeting Session

Course Description

The course material is written in simple English for parents, teachers, social workers, counselors, health care professionals and interested community members. Academic credentials are not a pre-requisite to enroll in the course. The Material will be emailed within 15 days of enrollment. Your time commitment will average 20 hours for writing assignments, 20 hours for reading of the lessons and reference work, 3 one-hour long Skype Seminars and one optional contact programme. A mastery score of 80% on each section test and experiential assignment is required to achieve the certificate in Applied Drama for Working with Autism. Certificates will be awarded in exchange for course evaluations.

Current Student Testimonials

It helps me to introduce the Navarasas (9 emotions)”

“Now I see them as persons who can emote and relate and I know they enjoy role playing!”

“For children in the spectrum, repeated practice with these new methods will help them learn.”

“My children have begun to act and enjoy acting. They have improved facial expression.”

“Children, I work with have begun to enjoy body movement/facial expression and are more comfortable in groups. Some behavior issues like aggression have considerably reduced after playing with Drama”

“Games covered in unit 3 were extremely useful. We are doing it on a continuous basis daily for 20 minutes. Kids seem to enjoy and learn from the activities.”

“ I helped a child to communicate” Fun and play go together in the course. You may go to Facebook Velvi Drama for Autism Course and read student testimonials.

Fees Details:

400 US Dollars Or
Equivalent Curency Rs.12000/-
for Indians residing in India

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Non-resident Indians and
Other nationals pay through PayPal
Payable to "Naityanavarasu"

Email: naityanaavarasuinc@gmail.com

Last Date of Registration: 1 July 2016

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