Discover India … (Re) discover your artistic self… through Indian theatre

Yoga, Kalari, Silambam, Koothu, Kathakali, and Yakshagana … These are not just terms in an art encyclopedia… or fitness, martial arts, and theatre forms you've always wanted to learn but didn't know where.

The specially designed theatre workshops is an opportunity for you to experience Kathakali , Kalarai ,yoga and Thetare for Development through learning by doing. At these hands-on workshops, you can learn yoga taught by the yoga masters of the Sivananda International School and make it part of your holistic fitness schedule. Or learn kalari a martial art forms and use them in theatre or as part of your fitness regime.

At the workshop you can meet practitioners of traditional theatre forms of states in south India — Koothu (traditional theatre form of Tamil Nadu) , Kathakali (traditional theatre of Kerala) , and Yakshagana (Traditional theatre form of Karnataka), and a contemporary Malayalam performance—and—learn the nuances of movement, gestures, and facial expressions peculiar to these forms. Ardent students of these forms also include Western theatre artists like Grotowski and Eugenio Barba, Ariane Mnouchkine, Phillip Zarrilli.

At the summer workshop, you can work with some of the best facilitators/trainers who bring their considerable expertise and experience to enrich, educate, and enable you in your quest as an artist. Areas of expertise include theatre for development, theatre for self-development, and theatre for mental health.

The workshop also enables you to meet with some of the best theatre directors from India and learn their working methods.

Last but certainly not least, you can meet young people in India in theatre and other art forms and forge collaborative projects.


Objectives of the International Summer workshop

•  To promote cultural understanding of nations among young people
•  To introduce Indian art forms to young people in the West
•  To help Indian young artists to learn from trainers in the West
•  To interact with young people from other cultures
•  To use theatre/drama techniques for developmental activities
•  To use drama/theatre techniques in the health sector
•  To creatively engage in interdisciplinary artistic endeavours
•  To create an international performance at the end of the workshop

Cultural Context & Setting

The summer workshop takes place in Trivandrum an ancient city of south India . Replete in myths and legends. If you are interested in back waters, ayurvedic massage and religion of India Trivandrum will tantalize you.. Well connected by air/train, you can fly to Trivandrum from any international destination. The workshop is held at Maria Rani Centre run by Pallotians a Christian trust. Visit for more information about Trivandrum.



Prof. Parasuram Ramamoorthi: playwright/director and academic teaching theatre studies at Madurai Kamaraj University .

Specializes in actor training fusing east and west and uses theatre for developmental activities, applied drama for mental health and in prisons. Log on to his website :

Etumanoor Kannan: A Kathakali artist and trainer from a traditional Kathakali school and currently teaching and researching at Kerala University at the International Centre for Kerala Studies.He is the artistic director of ABHINAVAM School of Theatre Expressions. He has performed Kathakali to Western audiences and has the experience of teaching Kathakali to western students. Log on to his website :

Mr. Murugan: A yoga master trained by Shivananda Ashram Trivandrum and works with Abhinaya theatre Trivandrum . He has been training theatre artists in Yoga and has taught western students.

Mr. Regoothaman: founder of Abhinaya theatre and student of the School of Drama Trichur . Very innovative theatre worker who has performed in many parts of Europe . His expertise is in using Indian forms for western texts.

Gobi Aasan is a kalari performer and teacher of repute and he has worked with many theatre groups in India.

Food & Accommodation

The participants will be housed at the guest rooms of Marian centre. Each room has two beds, a shower, and a Western Closet.

You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the workshop.


Workshop Fee

The workshop fee is 800 USD which includes your accommodation at Maria Rani centre Centre Trivandrum and breakfast,lunch and dinner.

Dates: 5th August 2008 to 20th August 2008 and 15th December 2008 to 31st December 2008

For extra nights of stay for each night a participant has to pay 10 Euros

Participants are advised to arrive one or two days prior to the start to manage jet lags and culture shocks.


A Day in the life of a Camper

5.45 - 6.30 AM
For early birds, wake up with the rising sun; go for a long walk in the campus; or jog if you like.

7.00 - 8.00 AM: Yoga classes

8 - 9 AM: Breakfast

10 AM - 11.30 AM : Kathakali

11.30 AM -11.45 AM: Tea Break

11.45 AM – 1.15 PM : Theatre for Development or Kalari

1.30 - 2.30 PM: Lunch
On all afternoons you are free to explore Trivandrum and nearby places. On some evenings we would take you to watch performances. Exact dates of performances would be given later. You will watch one or two Katahakali performances .

You will watch a modern Performance and see also the working process of an Indian director at rehearsals.

Enjoy Christmas evening at a church

New year party on 31st night at one of the hotels.


For further details please contact:

Dr.Parasuram Ramamoorthi
Theatre Consultant Saatvikam
School of Performing Arts
Madurai Kamaraj University


Etumanoor Kannan
Kathakali Performer & Researcher


Application form and bank details will be provided to those who express an initial interest and seek details.

Last date for enquiries: 30th June 2008/15th October 2008

Last date for applications:30th June 2008/15th October 2008



A dream holiday in Varkala, a small fishing hamlet in Kerala. God’s own country, enveloped by nature’s lush and the green aroma filling you from head to toe.Varkala is just about 50 Kms from Trivandrum airport on the beach. A perfect setting for idling and holidaying. You have plenty of time on your clock.

Wake up and see the sun rising and listen to the waves orchestrating the sunrise. Relax with yoga lessons in the morning. Stretch your limbs and be aware of your body.

Enjoy a traditional Kerala breakfast or continental breakfast sitting in the garden facing the Arabian Sea.

Go for the ayurvedic massage where you are pampered and cured. If you have problems like arthritis it is a perfect cure. If you want rejuvenation it’s the ideal massage for you. Herbal oils cover your whole body massaged by professional masseurs under the care of physicians.

Have a coffee/tea and go for the inviting seductress sea. Enjoy your swim.

Relax in the sun kissed black beach.

Wander stroll along the beach.

Enjoy your lunch in any of the twenty restaurants offering multicuisine.

Read listen to music and write if you want.

If you are interested in reiki healing fix up with the reiki master and go for a reiki session which lasts an hour or so.

Perfect holiday for the overworked/tired body and mind.

Look at the pictures of Varkala beach and Krishnatheeram beach resort in the picture gallery.

You will stay at Krishnatheeam just two hundred meters away from the sea. Enjoy the sea from your balcony. Listen to the waves.

There are two holiday plans:

Single occupancy: 950 USD
Twin sharing: 800 USD

It includes room breakfast yoga and massage. For Reiki you will have to pay an additional fee of 15 USD for one session


First Batch: 10 – 19 June 2007
Second Batch: 21- 30 June 2007
Third Batch: 4- 13 July 2007

You will be met at the Trivandrum airport and driven to the Krishnatheeram the day before the holiday starts. You will be briefed about the holiday.

It is the best way to escape from the madding crowd and tensions of modern professional lives.

Come relax and have fun at Varkala.

For more details, email, or call +91 94420 94771.


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