Velvi imparts knowledge and expertise through short and long term courses in the following areas of the performing arts:

Velvi is organizing a drama for autism workshop for special educators, social workers and clinicians working in the field of Autism spectrum disorder.

Drama for Autism is a unique concept developed by Prof. (Dr) Parasuram Ramamoorthi and practiced in several parts of India and USA and Europe. He has conducted the workshops in several parts of the world including at the Autism Society of India and at the Autism Society of America.

The workshop will train teachers and special educators in the use of Drama to cope with children and adults in the spectrum and also improve some of the basic essential functions of day-to-day living and learning.

The workshop will be a practical experience with the use of theatre games and theatre techniques.
Some of the theatre games would be used as warm up exercises and the workshop will focus on

Mask For Autism: a unique concept that improves eye-contact; reduces hyperactivity and encourages children and adults to play creatively.

Rehearsed response: teaches social skills and social behavior. It introduces ways and means to help children in the spectrum to handle problems related to social and emotional behaviors

Focal Points: introduces children to identify and express emotions through voice and body and face

Soundscape will teach non verbal children to use sounds for communication

The two day workshop would be ideal for special educators working in the field of autism.

Fees: Rupees three thousand only which includes accommodation /food and learning materials. Accommodation would be provided on a twin sharing basis.

Dates: There are three separate sessions planned. You can choose one of the sessions. Each session will be limited to twenty participants only.
5, 6 September 2009
26, 27 September2009
3, 4 October 2009

Last date for the registration is 27 August 2009

Fees may be paid in Draft in favour of VELVI, Madurai along with the application. Those interested in participating in the workshop should fill in the application enclosed and send it along with the Draft to:
Prof.Parasuram Ramamoorthi
10 Ashok Nagar Third street
Madurai 625016

Application for Drama for Autism workshop

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A workshop for performers

Have you ever wondered how a blind couple would make love? Sounds, touch and smell are the keys to their love making Let the performer know this art from the blind couple and learn to use all the senses in performance. The undue importance given to eyes for expression needs to be corrected. Let us do it through this workshop.

The child in the womb is a good example. The child starts listening to sounds in the womb. From the 12th week of pregnancy the child listens and responds to sounds. Let the performer listen to sounds, translate the sounds into visual images. Simple primordial sounds are used to communicate all emotions : love, anger, disgust.

“OM” the primordial sound gives way to several sounds. “aha” “oho” and manipulation of the sounds lead to cries, moans, howls and incantations. The workshop aims at helping the performer to translate a text into sound clusters and sound patterns.

Reiki is an ancient art of healing, deriving energy through the palms and using the energy to activate the various energy zones in the body. Touch is not mere communication, touch is energizing you. Every performer must know where the energy flows and where there is a block in his/her body. The workshop aims at teaching the performer to know the body well, by touching the body and activating the energy zones in the body.

The art of touching yourself is the first step to know yourself. When you can touch yourself, you can touch others. The ultimate aim of the performer is to learn to touch the role he/she wants to play. Touch exercises are designed as to ‘touch by distance’, touch someone who lives miles and miles away.

Smell like a sniffer dog and smell your way through. Simple thing to do is to identify objects by smell and later identify people by smell. Smell acts in a way to communicate disgust, happiness. Imagine a Beckett play without smells, you will be lost. Starting from strong smells, like incense sticks to fragrance of flowers, one moves to mild smells and learns to identify the smells of people.

Learn to see the ‘other’ within you. Acting is a process by which you discover the many others within you. Be that ‘other’ from the opposite gender. Discover the male/female within you and try to integrate through this workshop. This is a complicated workshop where faith in yourself is the prime requisite.

When a male performer plays the role of Cordelia, he not merely plays a role, he starts discovering the female within himself. To do this, you pair with a partner and start discovering the partner. Identify the partner from a distance. Know the partner by the sounds, smell. With eyes blindfolded, find your partner in the crowd. Experience the joy of finding the partner. This simple exercise should lead you on to find the partner within yourself and later find the role within the labyrinths of your self.

Transmigration is the last step. You transmigrate into your partner. Become your partner for a short while. Experience the joy of becoming your partner and feel and respond like your partner. If you have done this, performance is sheer joy and self-discovery. You are on the road to know yourself.


A Day at the workshop:

Each day the workshop begins with Yoga and warm up exercises. (50minutes)

Work with sounds & use sounds for communication.

Narrate a story with your face covered and eyes closed.

Listen to a piece of music and record the visual images.

Touch yourself with eyes closed.

Pair with a partner and know your partner.

Blindfold and find your partner through sounds.

Touch your partner and know the partner by touch.

Meditate with the sounds.

Work with smells like fragrance of flowers, incense sticks.

Create a smell and work on the smell.

Transmigrate into your partner and be your partner.

Debriefing and de-roleing.

The workshop can be scheduled for one, two or three days and it can also be run for one week, depending on the resources available. A minimum of six and a maximum of 20 people can participate in the workshop.

The workshop has been run at some of the British Universities (University of East Anglia,Norwich, Leeds University, University of South Wales, John Moore’s University, Liverpool, University of Hertfordhsire, Middlesex University, Dan Kook University, Seoul, National University, Singapore, Tamil University, Thanjavoor, India, National School of Drama, New Delhi.)

And this workshop has also been used in training workers of an Industry to foster creativity.

The Performer-Trainer for the workshop is Dr. PARASURAM RAMAMOORTHI.





“Storytelling” er en gammel Indisk kunstart
“Storytelling” er en del af det Indiske teater billede
“Storytelling” er en teaterform
“Storytelling” er en måde at skabe selvbevidsthed og forbedre kommunikation

Dr. Parasuram Ramamoothri, Professor ved Madurai Kamaraj Universitet, Universitet, Indien, er bl.a. dramatiker, sceneinstruktør og dramaterapeut med arbejdserfaring i fængsler, institutioner for ældre og udviklingshæmmet.

Dr.Parasuram Ramamoorthi ( b.1949)
Playwright/Director and drama therapist (working in prisons/old age homes and homes for mentally challenged).
Professor of theatre arts, teaching Acting, Devising Theatre and Creative Writing at Madurai Kamaraj University,Madurai. India
Leverhulme Visiting Professor at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. England
Writing for the television: educational television programmes for the University Grants Commission, India.
Researcher and research guide: 8 students have earned their PhDs under my supervision.
Member of the International Advisory Board of Research in Drama Education
President of Indian Arts Movement
Chairman, Velvi, a trust for promoting Indian Arts
Treasurer of International Drama/Theatre in Education Association (IDEA).

Professor Ramamoothri kommer til København i uge 41
derfor tilbyder seminariet en to dags workshop i ”Storytelling”
onsdag den 12. og torsdag den 13. oktober kl. 13.00 – 16.00 begge dage.

Vedlagt er en kortfattet oversigt over det praktiske indhold. Undervisningen vil foregå på engelsk med mulighed for tolkning hvis det skønnes nødvendigt.

Max. 20 deltagere Pris: kr. 200,
Undervisning er GRATIS for studerende
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o Jeg tilmelder mig hermed til to dages workshop i Storytelling onsdag d. 12. oktober og torsdag d. 13. oktober 2005 (begge dage fra kl. 13.00 – 16.00)

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Tilmelding foregår efter ”først til mølle” princippet. Tilmeldingsblanketten afleveres til David eller Pernille

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Storytelling workshops

Day 1
Session 1

Begin with a narration of a story.
Let the participants build on the story
Introduce new elements to the story
Add music to the story
Introduce a song
A movement pattern to the story
Now let the participants re-narrate the story
Session 2
Let us name a character
Describe physical features
Describe an activity
Engage in free association of words dealing with the activity
Create a story based on the character
Let each participant create a story based on the character
Participants can choose to form a group and collectively contribute to building of the story
Group narration like a relay race
Session 3
Use of sounds and voice exercises in narration
Aha/oho exercises
Sounds instead of words
Use sounds to express emotions, feelings and activity

Day 2
Session 4

A news paper report - an incident
Rewrite /re-narrate the incident in groups
Give a positive twist
Create a sensory experience of the incident
Add color, smell and light to the incident
Give the incident a twist
Session 5
Narrate a personal story. Childhood memories
School and after school experiences
My first experience with nature, water or anything disturbing
Recall the past
Share with the group
Link personal stories of participants to a common issue
Session 6
Enactment of a story through narration
Song, dance and movement created by the group


Our creative writing courses are designed to kindle the creative spark in you. Writing is a skill that can be learnt, like any other art. We teach you the basics, the techniques, and introduce to the masters in the field.

• Admission is by application and interview.
• Submit some sample writings. This is to convince us of your intent and interest.
• Help with publication available.
• Course Duration :
           Full-time course - 20 weeks
           Part-time course - one year
• Eligibility: Anyone above 18 years of age and interested
• Course work includes:
           • Writing as therapy
           • Writing for specific journals
           • Poetry: techniques, genres and history of poetry
           • Writing a volume of at least 25 poems


Do you want to write for television or the stage? We teach you the mechanics of writing one act-plays, full length plays as well as scripts. Come and experience the joy of writing a play.

• Admission is by application and interview.
• Help with publication available.
• Course Duration :
            Full-time course - 6 months
            Part-time course - one year
• Eligibility: Anyone above 18 years of age and interested
• Course work includes:
           • Writing for the television
           • Scripting for stage
           • Opening scenes to catch the attention of the audience
           • Introducing the main characters
           • Defining the locale
           • One act plays
           • Techniques of writing


Useful for special educators, psychiatric social counselors and theatre artists.

• Admission is by application and interview.
• Eligibility: Any graduate
• Course duration - 12 weeks (Full Time)
• Placement available after the course.
• Course work includes:
           • Use of Drama and techniques of Drama for healing.
           • Theoretical framework
           • History of Drama therapy
           • Practical projects


Do you want to be under the spotlight? We bring professionals from the field to teach you the nitty-gritties of acting for stage and screen. This is a highly specialized course in acting which demands long hours of physical training. The course is a practical one, exploring the possibilities of self-discovery through acting. It centers on the principle that acting is ‘Me’ and ‘Not–me’ i.e., discovering the multiple possibilities within a single self.

• Admission is by application and interview.
• Eligibility: Any graduate
• Course Duration: 6 weeks course ( 30Hours) run during July-August.
• Course work includes:
           • Workshops / theoretical foundations
           • Short assignments.
           • Yoga & martial arts
           • Western methods of acting
           • Oriental approaches to acting
           • Role Definition
           • How to enter into the mind of a character
           • How to create an original impact on existing roles

For details of fees for the above courses, please contact Dr. Parashuram Ramamoorthy (, specifying the course you are interested in.

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